Emil A. Eckhoff (1850 - 19??) was an Austrian-American mineral surveyor, mining engineer, and civil engineer active in Arizona in the late 19th century. Eckhoff was born in Austria. It is unclear when he emigrated to the United States, but it must have been before 1876. He enlisted in the U.S. Army in Philadelphia in 1876 and, upon the expiration of his first term in 1878, re-enlisted in San Francisco. He transferred to Fort Whipple, Arizona, where he served as a Topographical Assistant. Eckhoff was discharged from service in 1800 and settled in Prescott, Arizona, where he worked as a civil engineer and public notary. That same year, he was appointed Deputy U.S. Surveyor and Agent in Central Arizona for the American Bureau of Mines. He is best known for his publication with Paul Reicker (1851 - 1936), in 1880, of the first official map of the Territory of Arizona. He also prepared a map of Prescott, Arizona. Curiously, by May 15th of 1880, Eckhoff and Riecker dissolved their partnership, with Riecker purchasing Eckhoff's interest in the map. Eckhoff went on to work first as an engineer with the Arizona Central Railroad, then with the Southern Pacific Railroad. The date of his death is unknown.