George S. Harris (1823 - July 7, 1891) was an American lithographer and letterpress printer. Born in Bridgeton, New Jersey, Harris set up shop in Philadelphia, where h was active from 1847 until his death in 1891. His firm produced maps, calendars, stamped envelopes, circulars, lithographic trade cards, and can and cigar box labels. In 1872, his eldest son George T. Harris (b. January 1851) joined the firm as a partner, and it was renamed George S. Harris and Son. His younger sons William T. Harris (b. c. 1856) and Frank S. Harris (b. c. 1861) joined the firm in 1880 and 1889, respectively. The firm then became George S. Harris and Sons. George S. Harris and Sons was the largest lithographic firm in Philadelphia by the late 1880s, employing around 600 people and shipping products worldwide. After George S. Harris' death in 1891, his sons operated the firm for approximately another ten years, before they partnered with Joseph Knapp to form the American Lithographic Company, which was based in New York.