Vaughn Mark Herdell (May 6, 1923 - February 3, 1974) was an American printer based in Saint Helena, California. He founded Herdell Printing in 1951, which he ran with his wife Ardis, who he met during World War II. The firm has its roots when Herdell purchased printing equipment form Bob Zulch, setting up a small shop in Saint Helena. They initially paid the bills by printing flyers, advertising, wine labels, small publications including the Redwood Rancher, and college yearbooks. In 1957 he relocated to Vidovich Avenue taking on a partner, Jim Beard, a local letter press printer and typesetter. The imprint changed to 'Herdell and Beard.' The Heardell family bought out Beard's shares of the business in 1965, renaming it Herdell Printing and Lithographers. Herdell died in 1974, at just 49. The firm was taken over by his sons, Michael and Steve Herdell, and daughters. Patty (Herdell) Di Tomaso and Diane (Herdell) Grazian. The firm remains in operation.

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