Christopher Kimmel (1830 - May 4, 1872) also known as P. K. Kimmel, was an engraver, lithographer and printer in New York City active in the middle to late 19th century. Kimmel was born in Germany around 1830 and emigrated to New York around 1850. From 1853 to at least 1862, he published prints with British-born engraver Samuel Capewell, with whom he lived in the same Manhattan immigrant boarding house in 1850. Together, they published under the imprint of 'Capewell and Kimmel'. In 1863 Capewell was drafted to fight for the Union in the American Civil War where records suggest he died in 1865. From 1865 to 1871, Kimmel partnered with Thomas Forster under the imprint of 'Kimmel and Forster'. Later he published under his own imprint, 'Chr. Kimmel and Company.'