Dunning Jackson Lake (1836 - December 27, 1915) was a prominent civil engineer and map publisher based in Philadelphia in the second half of the 19th century. He was most born in Fairfield County, Connecticut, where he would have been a close associate of the prominent Beers mapmaking family - with whom he would later collaborate extensively. He began his mapmaking career by publishing special issue maps of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana between 1860 and 1870. In 1873 he turned his attention to atlas publishing, issuing more than 40 county atlases covering parts of Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Maryland (10 atlases), and Ohio. In 1875 he partnered with Bruce N. Griffing and 'Stevenson' to form the firm of 'Lake, Griffing, and Stevenson'. This firm published extensively until 1879, when it was dissolved. From 1879 Lake published as D. J. Lake and Co., issuing works on Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois. He later relocated to California where he died in 1915.

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