Walter Richeson Love (April 28, 1887 - August 23, 1937), who went by his middle name, was a civil engineer, surveyor, and map publisher active in Miami c. 1920. Love was born in Knoxville, Tennessee. He was active in Miami from at least 1915, when he was employed by Frederick S. Morse (1859 - 1920) as a commercial surveyor at the Model Land Company. He served in World War I (1914 - 1918), returning to Miami after the war. In 1920, he updated the 1918 Official Plat of Miami to reflect the city's rapid development. In 1922, he owned a commercial map shop in downtown Miami. He was a member of the American Association of Engineers and the Miami Engineering Society. He later took work with Alcoa Aluminum and returned to Knoxville, where he died in 1919 at age 50.

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