Thomas H. Millington (1819 - 1888) was an English-American civil and railroad engineer active in South Texas in the late 19th century. Millington was born in Prees, Shropshire, England. While it is not clear when he emigrated to the United States, he is recorded as a railroad engineer with the Nashville and Northwestern Railroad in 1856. He served the Confederate cause in the American Civil War, attaining the rank of colonel in charge of fortifications under General Pierre Gustave Toutant-Beauregard (1818 - 1893). After the war, he became chief engineer of the Memphis and Knoxville Railroad. Working with various railroad lines, Millington played a significant role in planning numerous railroad towns in the American southwest. Millington Tennessee is named after him. He was also briefly chief civil engineer for San Antonio, Texas. Four of his sons, George H Millington (1848 - 1931), Charles Alfred Millington (1850 - 1923), Joseph Millington (1852 - ????), and Frederick Alfred Millington (1853 - 1939) were also civil engineers.

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