Pierre Joseph Roy (February 3, 1869 - October 23, 1917), who often named himself 'Peter', was a French Canadian engraver and viewmaker based in Chicago in the second half of the 19th century. Roy emigrated to the United States with his family in 1870. His father, also Peter/Pierre Roy (1840 - ????), established himself as an engraver in the early 1870s partnering with with Anders Madsen Askevold (1842 - 1901) to found the Chicago Map Establishment. He left his firm in 1875, but by 1876 Roy partnered with Edmond Brown to publish under the imprint of 'Brown and Roy', 54 Reaper Block, Chicago. We believe Pierre Joseph may have inherited this operation. He reappears briefly in 1892 when he issued an impressive Bird's-Eye View of Chicago for the upcoming Columbian Exposition. As late as 1910 he is listed in the Chicago census as manager of a 'Print Shop.'

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