Eber LeRoy Russell (March 11, 1881 - October 28, 1968) was an engineer, amateur archeologist, and historian of Native American cultures based in Upstate New York. Eber was born in Collins, New York. He dedicated himself to digging for traces of early American Indian life in the Cattaraugus Valley. In 1925 he was adopted into the Seneca Nation and was latter recognized for his "distinguished service as a true advocate of Indian legend, tradition, and history.' His best-known work was a significant revision and adaptation of Lewis Henry Morgan and Ely Parker's 1851 map of New York, published in their book League of the Ho-de╩╣-no-sau-nee or Iroquois. Russell included information based on years of research to greatly expand the toponym in Iroquoian languages and add other details not on the original Morgan/Parker map. Eber's papers are preserved in the Patterson Library of Westfield, New York.

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