Alexander Sabiston (April 1859 - May 5, 1900) was a Montreal based lithographer active in the late 19th century. Sabiston was born in Liverpool, England and spent his early years as a ship's carpenter.. His firm, the Sabistion Lithographic and Publishing Company, was incorporated on 1889. The firm remained active until April 13, 1896, when it went into insolvency. The firm's assets were sold at a public auction on April 28th, 1865, most of which were acquired by one 'George Hyde', who transferred the assets to the managers of the Toronto Lithographing Company. Those gentlemen registered an Appellant Company in Montreal as the 'Montreal Lithographic Company, Ltd'. Meanwhile, in May 1869, Alexander Sabiston and his brother, likely James McLeod Sabiston (1867 - 1948) founded a new firm, the Sabiston Lithographing and Publishing Company. This created a branding conflict with the 'Montreal Lithgoraphic Company', who claimed ownership of the Sabiston name, and filed proceedings against the brothers in December 1896.

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