Ernest C. Sandoz (1830 - April 6, 1908) was a Swiss-American draftsman and cartographer. He was nephew of the geologist and geographer Arnold Henry Guyot, and emigrated to the United States with his uncle, mother and grandmother in about 1848. While nothing is known of his early education, it is clear that he followed Guyot as long as his uncle lived, working with him throughout his career. Guyot, in his last will and testament, bequeathed rights to his wall maps and the map of the Catskills to Sandoz ‘who has been, during so many years, for me as an affectionate son and a constant help.’ Sandoz is credited with no fewer than twenty maps, the vast majority of which were under Guyot’s direction. In spite of this, Sandoz’s draftsmanship does not appear to have been his only labor: his September 14, 1863 draft registration lists his profession as ‘Gardiner.’(sic.)

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