Johann Georg Schreiber (December 10, 1676 - July 31, 1750) was a German engraver, cartographer, and publisher. He was the first map publisher in Saxony and produced much of his work in the city of Leipzig where he resettled and where he was at the time of his death. He was born the sixth of seven children to Hans and Anna Schreiber in Spremberg. His father was a carpenter. Details of his education are not known, but he was likely apprenticed as an engraver, since he was commissioned to draw and engrave a city plan of Bautzen in 1700. He continued to produce city views and plans, especially of Leipzig, between about 1709 and 1740. In 1741 he published his only bound work, Atlas Selectus von allen Königreichen und Ländern der Welt, editions of which continued in print well after his death in 1750. His widow continued the business with his son Johann Christian Schreiber.