Charles Scribner's Sons (1846 - present) is an American publishing house founded in 1846. The firm was initially a partnership between Charles Scribner I (1821 - 1871) and Isaac D. Baker (1819 - 1850), publishing under the imprint of 'Baker and Scribner'. Baker died young in 1850, and the firm was renamed Charles Scribner. The firm reorganized in 1870 as Scribner and Company. When Charles Scribner died in 1871, the firm was renamed Charles Scribner's Sons, and was managed in turn by each of his three sons, John Blair Scribner (1850 - 1879), Charles Scribner II (1854 - 1930), and Arthur Hawley Scribner (1859 - 1932). Scribner merged with Atheneum in 1978, and then merged into Macmillan in 1984. In 1994, Macmillan was bought by Simon and Schuster.