Hiram Frederick Sumner (February 14, 1800 - March 3, 1874) was an American publisher and bookseller. Born in Hebron, Connecticut, Sumner founded H.F. Sumner and Company in 1830. Flavius A. Brown (a former Sumner employee) and Caleb M. Packard bought out the H.F. Sumner and Company bookstore at 20 State Street in Hartford, Connecticut in 1834, and operated it as Packard and Brown for three years. Packard retired in 1837 and E.W. Parsons joined the firm, which was renamed Brown and Parsons. Brown and Parsons remained at the State Street location until 1844. Very little else is known about Sumner's professional life after the sale of H.F. Sumner and Company. Sumner married Caroline G. Conant (1811 - 1883) on August 22, 1830, with whom he had three children.

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