Tong Shiheng (童世亨; April 18, 1883 - March 20, 1975) was a Chinese self-made cartographer and publisher active in Shanghai in the early 20th century. He was born to a Chinese scholarly family in Jiading District, China, on March 12th, 9th year of Guangxu. He studied at Nanyang College before being sent to Japan to study cartography. Tong return to China in 1913, when he established the Sino-Foreign Map Bureau in Shanghai on Si Ma Road (Fuzhou Road). In 1915, Zhang Yuanji (Yüan-chi Chang; 張元濟; 1867 - 1959), an important Chinese reformer and general manager of the prominent Commercial Press, invited him to invest in the company. Tong invested 40,000 Silver Dollars and folded his map publishing operations into the larger Commercial Press, creating the Map Bureau. Under Tong Shiheng, the Commercial Press Map Bureau issued dozens of practical maps focusing on China, Shanghai, political events, the world, and more.