John A. Waddey (December 31, 1852 - January 13, 1932) was a map engraver at the U.S. Navy Hydrographic Office. Born in Georgetown, Waddey apprenticed to William M. McDougal, a Georgetown picture engraver. His first job was with French, Langran, and Ogilvie, who did contract work for the U.S. Navy Hydrographic Office and the Treasury Department. He was appointed to the Hydrographic Office as an advanced apprentice engraver in 1872. At that point, the Hydrographic Office contracted out all its map engraving and only updated its charts in house. The Office had a staff of 12 and only had 24 chart plates. By the time Waddey retired 55 years later, the staff had grown to 154 and the Office had 2,900 charts. Waddey was named Chief Engraver in 1913 and was in charge of a staff of 18 engravers.