James Harvey Weakley (March 24, 1798 - September 3, 1856) was an American engineer and surveyor. Born in Halifax County, Virginia, Weakley grew up in Tennessee and attended Cumberland University. He joined the surveyor-general's office in Alabama in 1817 as the chief clerk. He held that position until General John Coffee died in 1833. After General Coffee's death, Andrew Jackson appointed Weakley Surveyor of Public Lands of Alabama. Weakley served as Surveyor of Public Lands until 1851 when Congress abolished the position. Then he worked in the cotton commission business until his death in 1856. He married Ellen M. Donegan (1804 - 1883), a native of Cork, Ireland, on August 26, 1830. After Weakley's death, Ellen moved to Nashville where she spent the rest of her life at the Convent Academy of St. Cecilia.

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