Antonio Beato (1835 - 1906) was an Italian-British photographer best known for his work in Egypt and the Mediterranean region. Beato was born of a Venetian family. He became a British citizen as a young man. He is often associated with his older brother Felice Beato (1832 - January 29, 1909), also a photographer, with whom he worked extensively, often sharing a signature as 'Felice Antonio Beato' or 'Felice A. Beato'. The brothers may have been introduced to photography in Malta in 1850 where they met British photographer James Robertson (1813 - 1888). One of the brothers, it is not clear which, purchased photographic equipment in Paris in 1851. Again, one of the brothers accompanied Robertson to Constantinople in 1851, where they formed a partnership, 'Robertson and Beato' in 1853. By this time, both brothers were working with Robertson in Constantinople. They traveled to India, in 1857 and 1858, photographing the Indian Rebellion of 1857. Antonio set off for Europe in 1859 by way of Suez. He likely changed his plans in route, as shortly thereafter we find him in Cairo, then Luxor, where he opened a photographic studio in 1862. He remained in Luxor, taking photographs of monuments and tourists, until his death in 1906.