1774 Jefferys and Braddock Mead Map of New England (Most Inhabited Part)
Code: MostInhabitedPartofNewEngland4-jeffreysmead-1774
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/meadbraddock.txt
Cartographer 2: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/jefferys.txt
Condition: Very good. Backed with linen. A few professional repairs.
Date: 1774 (dated)
Height: 41
Note: The most important and influential 18th century Colonal Era map of New England.
References: Rumsey 0346.019. Allen, David Yehling ,Long Island Maps and Their Makers, 34-37. Cumming, William P., British Maps of Colonial America, 45-47. Krieger, Alex and Cobb, David, eds., Mapping Boston, 28. Sellers, John R. and Van Ee, Patricia, Maps and Charts of North America, no. 797.
Scale: 1 : 440000
Tags: Braddock Mead, John Green, New England, American Revolutionary War
Title: A Map of the most Inhabited part of New England containing the Provinces of Massachusets Bay and New Hampshire, with the Colonies of Connecticut and Rhode Island, divided into Counties and Townships: The whole composed form Actual Surveys and its Situation adjusted by Astronomical Observations.
Width: 40
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1755 Le Rouge Map of the English Colonies in North America (Eastern Seaboard)
Code: BritishColoniesAmerica-lerouge-1755
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/lerouge.txt
Condition: Good. Minor wear along original fold line. Extremely minor water satin, almost invisible.
Date: 1755 (dated)
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1786 Tardieu and Evans Map of the Middle British Colonies: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky
Code: MiddleColonies3-tardieuevans-1787
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/evans.txt
Cartographer 2: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/tardieupierref.txt
Condition: Very good. Slight wear along original fold lines. Right margin expertly extended. Blank on verso. Platemark visible.
Date: 1787 (undated)
Height: 19.5
Note: Later edition of Lewis Evans' map, considered a milestone both for its political significance and expansion of cartographic knowledge.
References: McCorkle, B. B, New England in Early Printed Maps 1513 - 1800, 787.6. Schwartz & Ehrenberg, The Mapping of America, p.162, pl. 98. Klinefelter, W., 'The Maps of Lewis Evans', Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, New Series, Vol. 61, No. 7 (1971), pp. 3-65. Streeter, Lewis Evans His Map, pp.17-28. Pritchard and Taliaferro, Degrees of Latitude, p. 172. Stevens, Henry N., Lewis Evans: His Map of the Middle British Colonies in America.
Scale: 1: 2217600
Source: Crevecoeur, Michel Guillaume St. Jean de, Lettres d'un Cultivateur Ameriquain, (Paris) 1787.
Tags: Evans, French and Indian War, Tardieu, Crevecoeur, Middle Colonies
Title: Carte Generale des Etats de Virginie, Maryland, Delaware, Pensilvanie, Nouveau-Jersey, New-York, Connecticut et Isle de Rhodes Ainsi que des Lacs Erie, Ontario, et Champlain. D'Apres la Carte Ameriquaine de Louis Evans et la Carte Anglaise de Thomas-Jefferys.
Width: 26
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1775 John Green (Braddock Mead) Map of the Arctic (Alaska, Canada, Siberia, Greenland)
Code: ArcticSeas-sayerbennett-1775
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/meadbraddock.txt
Cartographer 2: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/sayer.txt
Cartographer 3: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/jefferys.txt
Condition: Very good. Some fold reinforcement on verso.
Date: 1775 (dated)
Height: 19
Note: Remarkable map showing Alaska as an Island.
References: Rumsey 0346.001. Tooley, R. V., The Mapping of America, (Stevens and Tree), 4(d). Wagner, H. R., The Cartography of the Northwest Coast of America To the Year 1800, 649.
Scale: 1 : 21000000
Source: Jefferys, T., The American Atlas: Or, A Geographical Description Of The Whole Continent Of America, (London) 1776.
Tags: Alaska, Braddock Mead, John Green, Sayer, Bennett, Jefferys, Arctic, Northwest Passage
Title: A Chart of North and South America, including the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, with the nearest Coasts of Europe, Africa, and Asia. Chart containing part of the Icy Sea with the adjacent Coast of Asia and America. Chart comprizing Greenland with the Countries and Islands about Baffins Bay and part of Hudsons Bay.
Width: 44.5
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1749 Jefferys and Kitchin Map of Wiltshire (Salisbury / Stonehenge)
Code: Wiltshire-kitchin-1749
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/jefferys.txt
Cartographer 2: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/kitchin.txt
Condition: Very good. Minor toning. Original platemark visible. Manuscript annotation on verso.
Date: 1749 (undated)
Height: 7.5
Scale: 1 : 823700
Title: A Map of Wilt Shire.
Width: 5
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1756 Jefferys Map of Acapulco, Mexico
Code: Acapulco-jeffreys-1756
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/jefferys.txt
Condition: Very good. Blank on verso. Narrow left margin.
Date: 1856 (undated)
Height: 6
Tags: Jefferys, Anson
Title: A Plan of the Harbour of Acapulco on the Coast of Mexico.
Width: 3.5
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