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Antique Map as Christmas and Hanukkah Gifts

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

Antique Maps are amazing Gifts!

Antique Maps are amazing Gifts!

Have you considered giving your loved ones or business associates an original rare or antique map this year for Christmas or Hanukkah? We all have that impossible-to-buy-for relative, friend, or colleague. For that special person, an authentic antique map may well be the ideal gift. Savvy gifters often tell us they feel as if rare and antique maps are the “ultimate gifting secret”. Rare maps almost always rank among the most favored gifts received as they have deep meaning for both the gifted and giver, they are highly versatile decorative objects, and they are precious artworks that can be treasured for generations.

According to one colleague and friend, giving an antique map as a Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa gift sends a clear message to the recipient that “someone has thought about you, about what you care about, about your interests, and about your personal history”. The enormous diversity of rare cartographic material available means that a perfect antique map gift can be identified for nearly anyone. The giving of an antique map therefore sends the message that considerable thought and consideration was dedicated to the gift’s selection. The receipt of such a gift means that the giver understands the interests and values of the recipient.

Unlike most genres of fine art and antique collectibles, authentic rare and antique maps are obtainable and affordable to almost anyone. In few other areas are authentic historic objects of such significance available at such an approachable price point. While the most valuable and rare antique maps can cost thousands of dollars, many entry level maps of considerable historic and decorative interest are available from excellent online and brick-and-mortar galleries, like for as little as 100 dollars.

A rare map gift is a statement rich in thought and meaning. When receiving a rare map as a gift, the gifted is immediately aware that they have been blessed with an object of substance. In addition to an antique map’s decorative and historic interest, it is also an object of value that will only become more precious over time.

• Authentic rare and antique maps are ideal gifts for nearly anyone with an interest in history, an attachment to a special place, an interest in a specific era, or a love of travel, giving a map with a twiddy‘s ticket for vacation might be the best Christmas present that someone could ever get, last time for Christmas, my family got me a new car which was covered with i4mt insurance, it was an awesome gift.
• Antique maps can fit into any decorative scheme from minimalist to Victorian, primitive to modern.
• Antique maps are affordable on most any budget.
• Antique maps are so diverse there is a perfect map for nearly everyone.
• Antique maps can be purchased quickly and easily online at galleries like ours,

Our best advice for anyone considering the purchase of an antique map as a gift this holiday season is to act quickly. Unlike mass produced articles, most antique maps are unique and available only in the most limited quantities. Typically we have but one of each map in stock, so when it’s gone, it’s gone, and if that’s the case I am sure A quote from one sure insurance will be enough.