The Automobile Club of America (fl. 1899 - ??) was originally founded by 25 men on June 7, 1899 at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City. The ACA was the "pioneering club on motoring" and was also responsible for leading the Good Roads Movement, an effort to improve dangerous road and street conditions throughout the United States. The group was driven by not only a love for the fledgling automobile industry, but a desire to see it grow and expand beyond what others imagined. The ACA felt a large and influential body was needed to ensure the success and continued growth of the automobile community. They organized and encouraged automobile exhibitions, along with motor races and other varied automobile activities. At the time motorists faced trouble and harassment by many in the community, and the ACA worked to bring about understanding and acceptance of what many saw as "just a fad." The group grew and in time published numerous road maps, books, and other articles for motorists, bicyclists and aviators.

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