Rufus L. Barnes (fl. c. 1840 - 1867) was an American map publisher and seller based in Philadelphia during the early to mid-19th century. Barnes opened a map shop in Philadelphia in 1840 from which issued numerous maps on his account as well as reselling the work of others. Rufus' manuscript ledger, which is preserved in the Newbury Library, reveals connections to most of the prominent map publishers and cartographers of his period, including Robert Pearsall Smith, C.K. Stone, A.R.Z. Dawson, A. Pomeroy & Co., D.J. Lake and Company, Henry F. Walling, S. Willard Treat, John Homer French, R.S. Taintor, Jr. and Co., William Otis Shearer, surveyor Silas N. Beers, engravers Worley and Bracher, A.D. Ellis, Green and Wilbur, and O.W. Gray and Son. His work was used by both sides during the American Civil War and included some of the best Pennsylvania county maps available at the time. Barnes notably partnered with William Ellis Morris to reissue John Melish's important wall map of Pennsylvania in 1848. Barnes sold his business to his assistant John L. Smith in 1867.

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