George Hartnell Bartlett (May 24, 1838 - March 26, 1923) was an English lithographer active in Westminster, London, New York City, and Boston and is best known for his architectural diagrams. Bartlett was born in Camberwell, London, England. He studied engineering. He also mastered printing and lithography, pioneering the Steam Press in London, c. 1867. In that year, he published a pictorial or 'monumental-style' map of London, somewhat pioneering at the time, which included his own illustrations of important buildings and monuments. In May 1870, he relocated to New York City. There he immediately established himself at 309 Broadway where he partnered with 'Major and Knapp' to publish a similar pictorial map of New York. By 1871, we find him in Boston, where, while visiting, he applied for a teaching position on a whim, and earning the position, remained in Boston. There in 1871 he published a similar map of that city. He also issued a somewhat related map, in 1893, illustrating the Public Libraries of Massachusetts (another edition in 1904). He remained in Boston for the remainder of his career, establishing himself as a leading member of the Boston Lithographic Artists’ Association and from 1883 - 1912 he served as Principal of the Massachusetts State Normal Art School. During this time, he published a well-regarded test on pen and ink drawing. Bartlett applied for U.S. Citizenship in 1883 and was naturalized as a U.S. Citizen on October 24, 1887. His name is sometimes misprinted in sources as 'C. H. Bartlett.' He died at his home in Arlington, Massachusetts, in 1923.

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