James Botsford Beers (October 16, 1811 - June 3, 1901) was an American map publisher based in Connecticut in the second half of the 19th century. Beers was born in Newtown, Connecticut. He married Huldah Clarke (1813 - 1893) on August 30, 1835, in his hometown. They had five children in 18 years of marriage. He lived in Brooklyn, New York, from about 1845 where he dealt in jewelry and gold pens. Beers started publishing maps as 'J. B. Beers' in 1863, possibly inspired by the success of John Bute Holmes (1822 - 1887). In 1867, in partnership with A.D. Ellis and G.G. Soule, published his Atlas of New York and Vicinity. His son Frederick W. Beers joined the family business in 1870, at which point the firm was renamed 'J. B. Beers and Company'. Botsford Beers is the progenitor of the prolific Beers mapmaking family - who mostly published out of New York. He worked with his brother Charles Henry Beers (November 3, 1813 - March 5, 1892), son Frederick William Beers (August 17, 1839 - September 8, 1933), and grandsons Silas Norman Beers (September 3, 1837 - May 12, 1873) and Daniel Glover Beers (October 19, 1841 - February 12, 1913).

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