Blackwood and Sons (fl. 1804 - c. 1900) published out of Edinburgh and London throughout the 19th century - roughly from 1804 to 1898. The founder of the firm Scotsman William Blackwood (November 20, 1776 - September 16, 1834), was of humble origins, but his business acumen and dedication to the printing trade pushed his firm to prominence. He is most noted for publishing Blackwood's Scottish Magazine, one of the most important early magazines of 19th century England. In addition to his career as a prominent publisher, Blackwood took an active interest in civic matters and was elected Commissioner of Police in 1828. Following his death the firm was taken over by his sons, Alexander, John, and Robert Blackwood, who changed the imprint to "Blackwood and Sons". The firm was subsequently passed down through the heirs, most of the Blackwood name, until the late 19th century.

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