Charles Chardon (1832 - May 24, 1896) was a Paris, France, based printer and publisher active in the late 19th century. The firm was originally founded in 1818 by Chardon the elder on Rue Pierre-Sarrazin. Around 1835 he relocated to Rue Hautefeuille. In 1850 the firm was passed to Francois Chardon, his eldest son, and then in 1862 to Charles Chardon, his younger son. Charles relocated the firm to larger offices at 10, Rue de l'Abbaye. By 1880 Charles Chardon, from his office at 10 Rue de l'Abbaye, was promoting himself as a heliographic engraver - an early photoengraving technique of which he was an early adopter. Possibly because of his heliographic press, Chardon was contracted to produce numerous prints from drawings stored at the Chalcographie of the Louvre. Francois Chardon passed the firm to Charles Wittmann in 1890. Continuing in Chardon's tradition, in 1896 Wittmann become the director of the Louvre's Chalcographie.

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