Jean-Baptiste Crépy (fl. c. 1730 - 1796), also spelled Creepy, was a French map and print publisher based in Paris during the middle of the 18th century. His father Etienne-Louis Crépy, son of Jean Crépy (1660-1739). Within the family dynasty Jean-Baptiste was known as Crépy le Jeune, or Crépy the Younger. His work ranged from maps, such as his reprint of the Le Rouge issue of the Popple Key Map, to general prints, and even geographically themed board games. He is known to have worked with other French mapmakers o the period including André Basset. maintained offices at Rue St. Jacques a St. Pierre near la Rue de la Parcheminerie. The Crépy firm went into bankruptcy and liquidated at auction on the 24th of April, 1790. Jean-Baptiste Crépy died in 1796.

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