Edward Payson 'E.P.' Dutton (January 4, 1831 - September 6, 1923) was an American book publisher. Born in Keene, New Hampshire, Dutton was the son of George Damon Dutton and Mary Dutton. In 1852, Dutton founded the E.P. Dutton bookselling company in Boston, Massachusetts. Dutton initially sold fiction and nonfiction books, but soon included children's literature in his inventory. In 1864, Dutton opened a store in New York City and permanently moved his operation there in 1869. In that same year Dutton began publishing books. In 1888, Dutton began working with Ernest Nistor, and in 1906 Dutton struck a lucrative deal with the English publishing firm J.M. Dent to be the American distributor of the Everyman's Library. Even after his death, Dutton's company continued to grow prosper and is now an imprint of the Penguin Group. Dutton married Julia Maria Sleeper.

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