Pierre-Louis Berquin Duvallon (1769 - 1814) was a French sugar planter and procureur du roi in French Santo Domingo before the Haitian Revolution (1791 - 1804). Berquin-Duvallon was born in Santo Domingo. In 1793 in the Revolution he fled to Baltimore - specifically as Maryland allowed him to bring and keep his slaves. (Louisiana, of note, did not allow the import of Haitian slaves after the 1791, for fear they would spread revolutionary sentiment.). In 1800, he travled to New Orleans, where he found trouble with the law as he brought his illegal Haitian slaves. Nonethless, he traveled through Louisiana, and purchased a plantation on the Tchoupitoulas Coast. It was there that he wrote the travel account for which he is best remembered, Vue de la Colonie Espagnole du Mississipi ou des provinces de Louisiane et Floride Occidentale en l’an 1802.

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