Juan Estruch (1820 - 1883) was a Catalan line engraver active in Madrid with the Dirección Hidrografía in the middle part of the 19th century. Estruch was born in Barcelona and studied engraving under his father, Doming Estruch y Jordan (1796 - 1851) also an engraver, and at the Escuela de Comercio y Bellas Artes, gradating in 1836. He then traveled to Italy to study under master engraver D. Pablo Toschi de Parma. He returned to Spain in 1840 and by about 1845 had taken a position with the Dirección Hidrografía. In addition to his work for the Dirección Hidrografía, he completed commercial portrait and certificate engraving, and map engraving for Vincente López and Francisco Coello. By 1872 he was the first engraver a the Depósito Hidrográfico.

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