Captain Sir Frederick John Owens Evans (March 9, 1815 - December 20, 1885) was a career Royal Navy officer and hydrographer. Evans entered the navy in 1828 as a second-class volunteer. Evans served in on nine different ships before being named a master in 1841, aboard the HMS Fly. Evans and the crew of the Fly spent the next five years surveying the Coral Sea, the Great Barrier Reef, and the Torres Straits. Evans returned to the south seas in 1847, when he arrived in New Zealand with orders to survey the Middle and South Islands. He served in the Baltic Sea during the Crimean War. In 1855, well-known for his scientific knowledge, Evans was named superintendent of the compass department of the navy. He was named chief naval assistant to the Hydrographer of the Admiralty in 1865 and succeeded him in 1874. Evans resigned his post as Hydrographer in 1884 and in 1885 was appointed one of the British delegates to the International Meridian Conferenced in Washington, D.C. He died at his residence in London on December 20, 1885. Evans married Elizabeth Mary Hall on November 12, 1846.

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