Pierre-François Godard (January 21, 1768 - July 22, 1838) was a French woodcut engraver active in Normandy during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Pierre-François was born in Alençon, Normandy, where his father, Jean Godard (1735 - 1802), was also an engraver, printer, and bookbinder, although self-taught. As a young man he travelled to Nantes where he perfected engraving before returning to Alençon to establish himself as a bookseller and engraver. His earliest engravings date to 1787. He engraved various woodcuts for historical and fictional publications as well as card games for Bree Freres and Étienne de Jouy (1764-1846). Around 1814, citing deteriorating eyesight, Godard stopped engraving, and instead focused on his bookstore. Retiring, Godard sold his bookstore to Auguste-Jean Ruel in 1834. He died 4 years later. His son, Pierre-François Godard, generally known as Godard II d'Alençon (November 8, 1797 - December 15, 1864) was also a wood engraver and followed in the family tradition of bookselling and printing.

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