Jonas Carl Frederik Washer Haas (1720 - April 10, 1775) was a Nuremberg-born artist and engraver active in Copenhagen, Denmark, in the middle to late 18th century. Haas was born in Nuremberg in 1720. After several years in Hamburg, Haas relocated to Copenhagen along with several other of his fellow artists, including Johan Martin Preisler and Carl Marcus Tuscher. In 1755, Haas was appointed official engraver for the University of Copenhagen. In addition to numerous portraits, he engraved maps for Johan Jacob Bruun's Novus Atlas Dani├Žand, and vignettes of Frederik Ludvig Norden's Travels. In Hamburg, he had married Anna Rosine Fritsch, the daughter of a fellow engraver, with whome he had four children. Three of his sons, Georg, Meno, and Peter were also engravers. Haas is interred at St. Peter's church cemetery.