Friedrich Heidrich Jeppe (1834- July 17, 1898) was a German publisher and mapmaker active in South Africa during the second half of the 19th century. Jeppe was born in Rostock, Germany and relocated to South Africa in 1861, where it was employed as Postmaster-General of the Transvaal Republic, a position he maintained until 1875. Jeppe published numerous important large-format maps of South Africa from about 1867 onwards. He also published the Transvaal Almanac and Directory from about 1877 onwards. Also in that year, 1877, he was commissioned as Government Translator and Controller of Statistics in the office of the Colonial Secretary. Eventually he obtained the position of Chief Draughtsman in the Department of the Surveyor-General. He died in Pretoria on July 17 of 1898 and is interred at the Old Cemetery, Pretoria.