Orell Fussli (1519 - present) is a Swiss Zurich based printing house bookseller. The firm was founded in the 16th century by Christoph Froschauer (c. 1490 - April 1, 1564). Froschauer was the first printer in Zurich, best known for his publication of an important German translation of the Zwinglian Bible, known today as the Froschauer Bible. While Froschauer died of the plague in 1565, his nephew Christoph Froschauer the Younger (1532–1585) took over the business. The firm continued to prosper through the centuries under the management of the Froschauer and their heirs. From 1793 to 1794, Orell Füssli published Marianne Ehrmann's Die Einsiedlerinn aus den Alpen, the first magazine published by a woman in Switzerland. From 1911, the firm was contracted to print banknotes of the Swiss National Bank. Today the firm is a publicly traded diversified industrial and trading group with important patents on security printing. Still based in Zurich, they also continue to publish books and maintain numerous retail locations.

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