Anthony Ravell (1675 - July 3, 1727) was a British surveyor. He was born in Leicestershire; nothing is known of his education or upbringing. By 1699 he admitted as a surveyor by the Council of Monserrat; he achieved the title 'Surveyor General of the Leeward Islands' with St. Christopher (Saint Kitts), Nevis and Monserrat falling under his purview. He produced a superb map of St. Christopher, which was published by Sayer in 1770, Jefferys in 1775, and thereafter by both Laurie and Whittle and Le Rouge. There is shockingly little information available about this man - He was listed among the subscribers for Pemberton's 1728 A View of Isaac Newton's Philosophy. He died on July 3, 1727 in Saint Kitts.

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