Heinrich Scherer (1628 - 1704) was a Jesuit cartographer, geographer, and professor. Scherer served as a Professor of Hebrew, Ethics, and Mathematics at the University of Dillingen in Germany until around 1680 when he became the Official Tutor to the Royal Princes of Mantua and Bavaria in Munich. During his time in Munich, Scherer's work as a cartographer gained recognition and acclaim. His atlas, the Atlas Novus was first published between 1702 and 1710 and subsequently reissued between 1730 and 1737. The Atlas Novus is recognized as a revolutionary work that highlighted the highly sophisticated cartographical work accomplished by Jesuits during the early 18th century. The atlas featured maps from all over the known world and included the religious tendencies of the given region, along with the desire to promulgate the Catholic faith.

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