Simon Schropp (fl. c. 1742 - present) was a German cartographer and bookseller active in Berlin during the 18th and 19th centuries. In April of 1742 Schropp received permission from the Prussian King Frederick II to make and sell maps in Berlin. Frederick was keenly aware of the lack of accurate cartographic knowledge regarding his kingdom and promoted both public and private cartographic efforts accordingly. By the late 18th century Schropp had become Berlin's most prominent publisher of maps and atlases. Schropp's royal mandate and allowed him access to some of Prussia's leading cartographic figures, including Daniel Sotzmann, the Royal Geographer, among other. His maps thus contained the most updated cartographic knowledge and were considered to be of the highest caliber. Despite wars, French occupation of Berlin, Schropp thrived. Schropp and Company remains alive and well today. Their original location Konigsstrasse and Heilige Geiststrasse was destroyed in a bomb during the final days of World War II, but their new location on Hardenbergstr, 9a, is a thriving business catering to the travel and tourism literature market.

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