George Worley (c. 1819 - November 21, 1879) was an English lithographer active in Philadelphia. Born in England, Worley lived in Philadelphia by 1843 where he worked as an artist. He worked as a lithographer for Robert Pearsall Smith in his map publishing establishment from c. 1856 - 1859. In 1858 or 1859, Worley became a partner in the firm Worley, Bracher, and Matthias with William Bracher (1827 - 1912) and Benjamin Matthias. Worley, Bratcher, and Matthias lasted until 1860 when Matthais left. After Matthias's departure, Worley and Bracher renamed the firm Worley and Bracher and remained in operation until 1879, during which time they produced over 200 maps and atlases. Worley married Ann Thakeray on March 14, 1841 and died of liver disease.

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