Wynkoop and Hallenbeck (fl. c. 1850 - 1890) were New York based printers active in the latter half of the 19th century. The firm had its offices at 121 Fulton Street and was founded by Matthew B. Wynkoop (Febuary 16 1830 - March 30 1895) and Harry C. Hallenbeck. Wynkoop was born in Zanesville, Ohio and moved to New York City as a boy where he apprenticed as a printer and engraver. Small scale printing projects and frugal living allowed Wynkoop to open, with partner Hallenbeck, his own publishing firm. For a time the firm also published under the name, Wynkoop, Hallenbeck & Thomas. Little is known regarding Wynkoops partners, Hallenbeck and, for a time, Thomas, however, as a group they were not focused on maps and their cartographic corpus is small.