Wynkoop Hallenbeck Crawford Co. (fl. c. 1895 - 1925) was a large-scale printer and publisher based in New York in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The firm originated with Matthew Bennet Wynkoop (February 15, 1830 - March 30, 1895) was born in Zanesville, Ohio and died in New York City. He mastered the printing trade in Pittsburg and moved to New York in 1850. He joined forces with John Johnson Hallenbeck (1817 - April 30, 1891) and an unknown 'Thomas' to form 'Wynkoop, Hallenbeck and Thomas'. When Thomas retired, the name was changed to 'Wynkoop and Hallenbeck', with Wynkoop being the senior partner. Wyncoop died in 1895 and shortly thereafter, Crawford joined the firm, which was consequently renamed, Wynkoop Hallenbeck Crawford. When John J. Hallenbeck died, in 1891, and his shares passed to Mr. Harry C. Hallenbeck, then a junior partner, who relocated it to Pearl street and meeting success, opened offices in Albany, New York and Lansing, Wisconsin. By 1902 they were one of the largest printing concerns in the United States. They began bidding on state contracts in 1901, acquiring contracts in Michigan. They also did extensive printing for the railroad and shipping industry. The firm seems not to have published after 1925.

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