William Mark Young (March 18, 1881 – January 1, 1946) was an American etching artist, muralist, and commercial draughtsman active in Chicago during the first half of the 20th century. Young was born in Upper Alton, where he attended Upper Alton High School before moving on to Washington University's school of fine arts in St. Louis. His first business venture was a commercial arts firm in St. Louis. In time he moved to Chicago where his most substantial work was produced. Young is known for commercial art etching and painting, advertising, murals, and illustrations. His most impressive works were the murals issued for the Ohio Exhibit at the 1933 Chicago 'Century of Progress' World's Fair. These murals were subsequently relocated to the Ohio State Capital Building. In addition, young illustrated children's books, including a 1939 edition of Dickens' A Christmas Carol, and several books for Whitman Publishing Company in the Big Little Books and Better Little Books series. Young died on New Year's day, 1946.

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