C. et E. Chapal (1832 - 1932) are French furriers and tanners active from the early 19th century to present. The firm was founded in 1832 by Leonard Chapal (1828 - 1906) and Marien Cougny (1768 - 1841) as dyers of rabbit fur in Crocq, France. Achieving some success, they expanded their operation in 1857, opening an office in Montreuil-sous-Bois, just outside of Paris. The firm then taken over by two brothers, Clément Chapal (1857 - 1920) and Émile Chapal (1858 - 1932), who renamed it C. et E. Chapal. Their offices were located at 9, Rue Kleber, Montreuil-sous-Bois. In 1881, Émile Chapal relocated to Brooklyn, New York, to found a subsidiary company, Chapal Brothers and Company of Brooklyn. The firm, operating as Maison Chapal, remains active today and is a major fashion concern.

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