Fratelli Fabbri Editori (1947 - present) is an Italian publishing house founded by the brothers Giovanni, Dino and Ettore 'Rino' Fabbri. Initially focusing on textbooks and other educational materials before branching out in to other fields including the arts and classics, the brothers' meteoric rise made them one of the most successful mass market publishing firms in Italy by the late 1950s. Their success continued into the 1960s, when the experimented with multimedia products (books and accompanying records). By the 1970s, a worsening business environment and political threats caused the brothers to divest from the business and its operations, but the company retained the name Fabbri, even as it was acquired by larger publishing firms (today it is owned by Rizzoli Libri, which is itself owned by Arnoldo Mondadori Editore).

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