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1960 Fabbri View of the Apennine Mountains between Florence and Bologna

L'Autostrada sugli Appennini. - Main View

1960 Fabbri View of the Apennine Mountains between Florence and Bologna




L'Autostrada sugli Appennini.
  1960 (undated)     22 x 18 in (55.88 x 45.72 cm)


A stunning c. 1960 view of the Apennine Mountains produced by Fratelli Fabbri Editori. The view highlights the recently constructed highway (Autostrada A1), a major feat of postwar Italian infrastructure.
A Closer Look
Oriented towards the northeast, this view takes in the northern Apennine Mountains between Florence and Bologna, focusing on the Autostrada A1. The many tunnels and bridges on this stretch of highway are illustrated. Despite promoting the autostrada, the view reflects the greater familiarity of Italians with train travel, noting the stations along the road's route. At bottom-left, profiles of major mountains are provided with their relative position to Florence and Bologna. At top-right, a map of Italy is included, highlighting this portion of highway.
Crossing the Apennines
The Autostrada A1 was one of the most important engineering and public works projects in postwar Italy. In the late 1950s, Italy's was increasingly urban, wealthy, and industrialized, but the country's infrastructure had not kept pace with these changes, especially the greater use of private automobiles. The government highly prioritized the construction of the A1, which would cut travel times between Milan and Naples from two days to as little as seven hours. Leading civil engineers, including Riccardo Morandi (1902 - 1989), were enlisted to design bridges and tunnels along the most challenging portion of the road, through the Apennines between Bologna and Florence. Construction began in May 1956 and the Trans-Apennine portion was completed in December 1960, with the entire route completed in 1964. The A1 became a symbol of the optimism and ambition of the times, leaving a deep imprint on Italy's society, economy, and culture.
Publication History and Census
This view was printed and published by Fratelli Fabbri Editori in Milan. It is undated, but likely coincided with the opening of the Trans-Appennine section of the A1 Autostrada in late 1960. We are unaware of any other examples of this view in institutional collections or on the market.


Fratelli Fabbri Editori (1947 - present) is an Italian publishing house founded by the brothers Giovanni, Dino and Ettore 'Rino' Fabbri. Initially focusing on textbooks and other educational materials before branching out in to other fields including the arts and classics, the brothers' meteoric rise made them one of the most successful mass market publishing firms in Italy by the late 1950s. Their success continued into the 1960s, when the experimented with multimedia products (books and accompanying records). By the 1970s, a worsening business environment and political threats caused the brothers to divest from the business and its operations, but the company retained the name Fabbri, even as it was acquired by larger publishing firms (today it is owned by Rizzoli Libri, which is itself owned by Arnoldo Mondadori Editore). More by this mapmaker...


Very good. Light wear along original fold lines. Closed margin tears professionally repaired on verso. Closed tear extending 1/4 inch into printed area from margin in upper left quadrant professionally repairedĀ onĀ verso.