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1853 Meyer Map of Southern Italy (Northern Naples)

Das Konigreich beider Sicilien. Nordliche Halfte: Abruzzo, Terra di Lavoro, Apulien, Calabrien.
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Title:    Das Konigreich beider Sicilien. Nordliche Halfte: Abruzzo, Terra di Lavoro, Apulien, Calabrien.

Description:    This is a scarce 1853 map of the southern Italy. It covers the northern part of the Kingdom of Naples (a common reference for the 'Kingdom of the Two Sicilies') or Calabria, from Ascoli (Ascoli Piceno) south to Cetraro. An inset in the top right quadrant details Naples and its vicinity. Mount Vesuvius, whose violent eruption in 79 AD buried and destroyed the two cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, is identified. The map shows extraordinary detail, noting rivers, towns, cities, ruins and other topographical features, with elevation rendered by hachure.

The Kingdom of Naples or the Two Sicilies, extending from the Papal States south to include all of Sicily, was the richest and largest Italian state before the Italian unification. Following the defeat of Napoleon and the merging of Sicily and Naples into the Two Sicilies, the Island of Sicily witnessed revolts against the Bourbon rule in 1820 and 1848. The final revolution in 1848 resulted in the island gaining independence from Bourbon control for 16 months. At the same time, revolutionary sentiments favoring the unification of Italy were gaining popularity under Giuseppe Garibaldi, paving the way to Italian solidarity.

This map was issued in Meyer's Zeitung Atlas. Although all the maps in this atlas are not individually dated, the title page and maps were often updated while the imprint with the date was not, causing confusion to the exact date for some of the maps. Moreover some maps in the atlas were taped in at a later date as an update to the atlas. We have dated the maps in this collection to the best of our ability.

Date:    1853 (dated)

Source:    Meyer, J., Meyer's Zeitung Atlas, 1852.     Meyer's Zeitung Atlas, formally titled Neuster Zeitungs-Atlas Fuer Alte und Neue Erdkunde was a popular German hand-atlas published in Heidelberg by Joseph Meyer between, roughly, 1848 and 1859. The atlas is well engraved in the German style with exceptionally dense detail and minimal decoration. Meyer's Atlas, and its constituent maps, are typically very difficult to date as later editions often contain earlier maps and earlier editions later paste-in updates. That said, the atlas' frequent updates and publication run during a turbulent decade provide a noteworthy cartographic record of the period.

Cartographer:    Joseph Meyer Click here for a list of rare maps by Jospeh Meyer.

Size:   Printed area measures 11.5 x 9 inches (29.21 x 22.86 centimeters)

Scale:    1 : 1800000

Condition:    Very good. Minor overall toning and spotting. Blank on verso.

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Tags:    Meyer , Kingdom of the Two Sicilies , Mt. Vesuvius

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