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1768 Kitchin Map of Europe under Charlemagne

Imperium Caroli Magni Occidentis Imperatoris ad finem Saeculi Post Christum VIII.VI
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Title:    Imperium Caroli Magni Occidentis Imperatoris ad finem Saeculi Post Christum VIII.VI

Description:    This is a beautiful example of a 1768 Thomas Kitchin map of the Empire of Charlemagne. It covers Europe and the European empire of Charles the Great from Scotland south as far as Africa and from Portugal to the Black Sea in the east. The map is highly detailed, noting several towns, rivers, islands and other topographical details. A decorative title cartouche appears in the top right quadrant. After ruling and reforming France in 768, Charlemagne conquered Italy and, in 800, was crowned Holy Roman Emperor. For the next 14 years until his death, Charlemagne's empire untied much of Western and Central Europe for the first time since the collapse of the Roman Empire. The 'Carolingian Renaissance' witnessed a catholic themed revival of art, religion and culture, encouraging the formation of a common European identity. This map was issued by Thomas Kitchin in 1768.

Date:    1768 (undated)

Cartographer:    Thomas Kitchin (1718 - 1784) was a London based cartographic engraver and publisher. Kitchin was a very active engraver who produced a large corpus of work both in and out of the cartographic arena. He is responsible for numerous maps published in the London Magazine, and is known to have partnered, at various times, with Thomas Jefferys, Emmanuel Bowen and Laurie and Whittle. Many of Kitchin's maps continued to be updated and published well after his death in 1784. Click here for a list of rare maps by Thomas Kitchin.

Size:   Printed area measures 23.5 x 17 inches (59.69 x 43.18 centimeters)

Scale:    1 : 6000000

Condition:    Very good. Original platemark visible. Original centerfold. Blank on verso.

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Tags:    Kitchin , Charlemagne , Holy Roman Empire

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