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1840 Endicott View and Map of th Holy Land

The Holy Land.  Exhibiting the Places and Cities Mentioned in the Old and New Testament.
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Title:    The Holy Land. Exhibiting the Places and Cities Mentioned in the Old and New Testament.

Description:    An uncommon view and map of the Holy Land, Israel, or Palestine by Endicott. Focusing on the city of Jerusalem, which is oversized and presented just right of center, this map covers the Holy Land from the Jorden River to the Mediterranean and from Sidon to Zoar. Some 85 biblical cites are noted as are both the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee. Damascus appears in the distance. The view is presented as an aquatint engraving with exceptionally fine renderings of topography and cities. The view was published in 1840 on behalf of the General Protestant Episcopal S. S. Union and the Church book Society of New York

Date:    1840 (undated)

Cartographer:    Endicott and Company (fl. c. 1828 - 1891) was a New York based family run lithography firm that flourished throughout the 19th century. The firm was founded by George and William Endicott, brothers who were born in Canton, Massachusetts. George Endicott (June 14, 1802 - 1848) trained as a lithographer under Pendleton Lithography from January of 1826. He later worked as superintendent of Senefelder Company until the summer of 1828. Afterwards, in 1830, he relocated to Baltimore and partnered with Moses Swett. Endicott and Swett relocated to New York City in December of 1831. They remained partners until July of 1834 when the relationship dissolved. George set up shop on his own account at 359 Broadway. William Endicott (1815 - 1851), George's younger brother of 14 years, joined the firm in 1840 and was made a partner in 1845, after which the name of the firm was changed to G. and W. Endicott. George Endicott died shortly afterward, in 1848, but William continued operating the firm as William Endicott and Co. until his own 1851 death at just 35 years. The firm was carried on by his widow Sara Munroe Endicott until it was taken over by her son, Francis Endicott, who ran the firm from 1852 to 1886. George Endicott, Jr. subsequently ran the firm from 1887 to 1891. Peters, in his important work on American lithography America on Stone writes "it is hard to summarize the Endicotts. They did everything and did it well . . . [they] worked with and for Currier and Ives, yet in spite of all that much of their work lacks real individuality." The Endicott firm was responsible for many 19th century views and plans of New York City and state as well as plans of Sacramento, California, and the Midwest. Click here for a list of rare maps from William and Francis Endicott.

Size:   Printed area measures 26.5 x 10.5 inches (67.31 x 26.67 centimeters)

Condition:    Very good. Backed with archival tissue for stability. Detached form but accompanied by original binder.

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