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1720 Cleric and Poilly View of Lyon France (19th century restrike)

Vue d'une partie de la ville de Lion dessignee dans le maison de Mrs. les Chanoines regulliers de St. Antoine.
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Title:    Vue d'une partie de la ville de Lion dessignee dans le maison de Mrs. les Chanoines regulliers de St. Antoine.

Description:    An unusual and monumental view of Lyon France by Francois Cleric and Francois Poilly. This view is a 19th century restrike of a view originally published in Paris c. 1720. The view presents Lyon as view looking west from the eastern bank (north is to the right) of the Saone River. Both the left and right sides of the view are framed by pedestrian bridges, with the Fourviere and its church rising in the center background. The foreground presents a bustling port scene, with wine barrels being unloaded, fine ladies being transported in palanquins, a regal carriage full of important travelers, dogs, beggars, and even an agitated fellow who seems to have fallen off his horse. The urban center of Lyon appears across the river with embankments giving way to tiered buildings many of which no doubt have survived into modern times. A key to the more important buildings appears in the lower left and right quadrants of the image below the decorative border. We are not certain when this restrike was printed, but it was certainly done from the original plate and based upon the thick woven paper, must have been issued between about 1850 and 1900. The map is presented in four sections which have been bonded to linen hinges for folding and unfolding. We are fairly confident, however, that it did not come from the chalcographie office at the Louvre - as it lacks the usual imprint.

Date:    1720 (19th century restrike)

Size:   Printed area measures 75 x 29 inches (190.5 x 73.66 centimeters)

Condition:    Average Overall toning and light soiling. Some tears along the edges repaired. Four panels hinged with linen. Blank verso.

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Tags:    Lyon , France , View

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