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1820 Valentine View of North Battery, New York City

North Battery, Foot of Hubert St. Looking South, 1820.
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Title:    North Battery, Foot of Hubert St. Looking South, 1820.

Description:    This is a beautiful 1820 view of North Battery, New York City. The North Battery was built at the foot of Hubert Street in 1808, following the 1807 British attack on the American Frigate Chesapeake. Four other forts including Fort Wood on Bedloes Island (now Liberty Island), Fort Gibson on ellis Island, Castle Williams on Governors Island, and The Battery at the southern tip of Manhattan were also constructed. The North Battery corresponds to modern day modern day pier 27, just south of the Holland Tunnel. The circular 16 gun battery was known as the 'Red Fort' for the red sandstone material with which it was constructed. The fort was closed and subsequently demolished in the mid-19th century. In this view looking south, sailboats can be seen in a distance while fishermen are work in the foreground. This view was engraved by George Hayward and issued in the 1860 edition of D. T. Valentine's Manual

Date:    1859 (dated)

Source:    Valentine, D. T., Valentine's Manual of the Corporation of the City of New York, (New York) 1859.    

Cartographer:    Throughout much of the 19th century David T. Valentine edited and published a series of New York City almanacs and fact books entitled Manual of the Corporation Of The City of New York. Valentine's Manual, as it came to be called, included facts about the City of New York, city council information, city history, and reported on the progress of public works such as Central Park. The production of this annual manual was the responsibility of the Clerk of the City of New York, a position held at different times by D. Valentine by Joseph Shannon, who also produced a similar manual. Valentine used his manual to reproduce some of the rarest and most important maps of New York City ever created. Click here for a list of rare maps by David T. Valentine.

Size:   Printed area measures 16 x 7 inches (40.64 x 17.78 centimeters)

Condition:    Very good. Some wear and soiling on original folds. Blank on verso.

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