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1747 Bowen Map of Northern Italy with a Nautical Chart of Livorno

A New and Accurate Map of the Northern Parts of Italy.  A Draught of the Road of Leghorn.
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Title:    A New and Accurate Map of the Northern Parts of Italy. A Draught of the Road of Leghorn.

Description:    This is a beautiful map of northern Italy, issued in 1747 by the British cartographer Emanuel Bowen. Essentially two maps on a single sheet, the upper map covers northern Italy from Lake Geneva in Switzerland to the Island of Elba. It includes Savoy, Piemont, Milan, Parma, Mantua, Modena, Tuscany and the republics of Venice, Genoa and Lucca. Several important towns, cities, roads, rivers, and other topographic features are noted, with mountains rendered in profile.

The lower map features a nautical chart of Leghorn or Livorno. Oriented to the west, this chart notes coastal cities and towns in detail showing streets and buildings in profile. Rhumb lines and soundings are present throughout. A note reads, 'This draught is copy'd after that drawn by the Order of the C: de Maurepas'.

This map was prepares by Emanuel Bowen as plate no. 23 for the 1747 issue of A Complete System of Geography.

Date:    1747 (undated)

Source:    Bowen, E.,A complete system of geography. Being a description of all the countries, islands, cities, chief towns, harbours, lakes, and rivers, mountains, mines, etc., of the known world , (London) 1747.    

References:    Rumsey 3733.022. Philips (atlases) 614 (1752 edition).

Cartographer:    Emanuel Bowen (1714-1767) had the high distinction to be named Royal Mapmaker to both to King George II of England and Louis XV of France. Based in London from 1714 onwards, Bowen was highly regarded for producing some of the largest, most detailed, most accurate and most attractive maps of his era. He is known to have worked with some of the most prominent cartographic names of the period including Herman Moll, John Owen, and Thomas Kitchin. Despite his renown and success, Bowen, like many cartographers, died in poverty. Upon Emanuel Bowen's death, his cartographic work was taken over by his son, Thomas Bowen (?? - 1790) who also died in poverty. Click here for a list of rare maps from Emanuel Bowen.

Size:   Printed area measures 9.5 x 13.5 inches (24.13 x 34.29 centimeters)

Scale:    1 : 2750000

Condition:    Very good. Original platemark visible. Minor damp stain in top margin, not extending onto printed area. Blank on verso.

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Tags:    Bowen , Southern Europe

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